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it's bleedin' demised
So, as might be guessed from the title, cassie5squared  and I finally finished our MST.

If you didn't know we were writing one, well, we're secretive and insidious folk. (Yes, yes, I know; please save the laughter for the MST.)

The fic was entitled "The Elven Captive: Slave of the Two Towers," and was in fact the second in a Tenth Walker trilogy, the base material of which much more closely paralleled the movies than the books.

I speak in the past tense because all three magnum opuses (opi? opae? either way, term used in the loosest sense) have since been deleted.

It turned out to be much too long to post in LJ (and we didn't even get through the whole story– you'll see why, no doubt), so:


Sporking Part The Second

Second part! This one took a little while longer. And despite the fact that the author tried (and failed) to arouse disgust by creating an omgrapist!character (named Arnold, for Cthulhu's sake... *headdesk*), what's far more amusing is the amount of unintended innuendo I found, which made my inner five-year-old giggle for quite a while.

Oh, and I still don't own Monty Python or any of the Lovecraft Ara continually uses as epithets (she actually got through most of the pantheon, which is remarkable).

And I am currently reading Small Gods, which is awesome, and which I just bought at Barnes & Noble yesterday. And two H.P. Lovecraft books. -glee-


First Ever Badfic Sporking!

Well, I absolutely adored manx_n_shadow's sporking of a Redwall badfic called "blood omen," so I decided to spork the author's other... er... masterpiece, mostly because Manx was feeling a bit down and I wanted to cheer her up.

Just so you aren't confused, the sporkers are:

Ara, the psychotic and guillotine-happy pine marten, my Redwall alter-ego and partially a manifestation of my hatred of badfic and my Grammar Nazi tendencies

Lyulf, one of my original characters of my fanfiction Eye Of The Beholder, a powerful, scheming fox with a good, if sarcastic and slightly sadistic, sense of humor and more than a bit of an ego (but hey, being worshipped as an omnipotent fire god would do that to anyone)

Romsca, who is property of Brian Jacques and whom you should all remember anyway

This is just part one, as it's a bit long and it's all I've got done so far, about halfway.

I am not responsible for any destruction of your brain cells or faith in humanity.




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